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My family has been coming here for years to buy jewelry, pendants, and gifts. The owners and silversmith are always welcoming and helpful when searching for the right piece. The customer service is excellent and they go above and beyond create a quality experience.

Subject: Thanks again!

I recently had sent back a watch for the repair of a lost stone.
Sorry it took so long to thank you but I was without internet service
for two weeks here lately.
It looks great! You go above and beyond what most businesses would do
and I thank you. Just wanted to let you know.

Great service. The lady who took care of me was incredibly patient and nice. Amazing choice of quality jewelry with local Native creations. Highly recommended!

Hello Mr & Mrs Stapel,

This is just a quick note to say thank you, I received the repaired ring that you did for me. The four replacement stones from Sleeping Beauty are really nice, and the fit is better than when the ring was brand new, forty years ago. It arrived in the mail yesterday. This is ticket number 0131908. Thanks again!

Hi Elka,

 I received my repaired bracelet today and it is beautiful! Thank you for fixing it so quickly. Looking forward to shopping in your store again next time I visit Arizona.

Thank you

Good morning, Elka.

 The package arrived yesterday, and I'm very pleased with the watchband; 

thanks again!

Hi Elka,

My rings arrived a couple of days ago. They are so beautiful!

Thank you very much!

I received my ring the other day. It looks fantastic. The match of the missing stone was perfect. Thank you so much. I will be back to visit your store again when I visit Mesa again and look forward to more amazing creations!

I wore my Kokopelli today with a nice silver box chain (similar to the one on your website, but not exactly) that I purchased in Peru several years ago. It was just lovely and I am absolutely delighted! Received several raves. He is just gorgeous! I have been wanting one of these for several years and am glad I waited and not settle for something lesser. Thank you again so much for your help. I shall wear him with great pleasure. Both times that I have purchased from you I have been so pleased with the extraordinary service and speed of delivery.

Durham, NC

Dear Elka and Victor,

Years ago I heard the expression, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever". You and your excellent silversmith have truly created a thing of beauty from the large
piece of turquoise which I brought to you to be mounted in silver as a bolo tie. It is the most magnificent bolo that I have ever seen! It will become a family
heirloom to be enjoyed forever! It is so beautiful, with the intricate silver backing and beautifully designed edging around the stone.

Please give my thanks again to your silversmith for creating such a lovely work of art.

Most Sincerely,

I received the bracelet and the earring that you repaired for me, and I am very pleased! Nice to know I have a good place to come for repairs! I love my jewelry!
 Thank you!

Pleased to say the Kokopelli earring and pendant set arrived safely this morning. My daughter has grabbed the pendant.........but I still have the large one I bought in your fascinating shop a few years ago.
Many thank for the swift service, have been totally lost since I lost one of my Koko earrings......now I can feel normal again
Best wishes

 I have been remiss in not acknowledging receipt of my watch. The watch and band are beautiful - as I knew they would be. The extension of the bands is perfect, and I am very happy. 
Again - thank you very much.

Hi Elka,

My order arrived today and it is beautiful! I'm sure you'll get more orders from Canada soon!


Lethbridge, AB, Canada


I have been so busy since returning home, but wanted to drop you a note.

My son was thrilled with the arrow that you packaged and sent to our home. Iím grateful for all you did to ensure that it arrived without any damage.

I highly recommend your shop to co-workers in your area as well as oneís that are traveling to AZ. I have provided a few individuals your website address since Iím home and hope that they order from you.

Thanks again,

I received the money clip. It is beautiful. With a few dollars in it, it will be a great gift.

I was at your store on July 24 and bought a pair of turquoise earrings and a beautiful card from there. We both agreed that she would love the earrings and she absolutely does. The craftsmanship and care you took to make these was awesome. Thanks for making my mom's birthday a special one. By the way, I gave her one of your business cards, so she will be checking you guys out to she what else you have.
Thanks again for everything and continued success.

Spokane, WA

Hi Elka:
I received the buckle yesterday and it is beautiful. That buckle has been sitting in a drawer for 20 years but today it is in use. Thanks very much for the prompt service but more importantly restoring the buckle to it's original state.

Just received my buckle and ring that you repaired, and wanted to say what a great job you did. Iím very satisfied with the quality of craftsmanship and the stones that were chosen. Thank you very much. I wouldnít hesitate to recommend your company to anyone looking for quality products or repairs. Once again, thanks for the great job.

Seattle Wa.

Hi Elka,

Thanks for following up on my watch delivery. I was very surprised to receive it last Saturday, I thought you were going to let me know when it was shipped - so you can imagine my excitement when I opened the box.

Absolutely wonderful workmanship, it looks new and I LOVE IT. The actual watch you suggested is perfect, I can read it better than the old face. The band is a little tighter than before, but it was falling apart Ė and I do remember you asking me if it fit.

I have already shared your business card with a couple of Phoenix friends and I plan to visit your store on my next visit, Iím now hungry for more silver and turquoise.

Hope to see you in February. Thanks again

Hi Elka,

We received the ring yesterday. It looks amazing! Great job, please let Samuel Joe know that we appreciated his expertise!

Thank you again for such wonderful and quick service.


The mans "Man in the Maze" pendant is super nice and the bale fits perfectly. Thanks for your great communication; a pleasure to do business with you. Congratulate the artist on his beautiful work. I'll keep you in mind for other gifts.


My bracelet repair turned out fantastic! thank you so much!~

Hi, Guys,

I just wanted to tell you that I received your menís amber ring today, and it sure is a beauty!
I ordered one of these from you many years ago, and at the time a woman friend commented that it was the most beautiful amber ring she had ever seen. I think she got that right!
Unfortunately, I lost that ring one night when I was playing a gig (I play drums for a hobby, and unlike Ringo, I canít play wearing a ring!)
I have visited your site several times over the years since but was never able to find this ring again Ė until the other night, when after about an hour of searching, many pages into the Google listings, I saw it and knew it immediately!
At any rate, I am delighted with the ring you just sent me. I think it may be even more striking than its predecessor, and I feel as if I have renewed my acquaintance with a long-lost friend.

Many thanks,


P.S. I know enough now to keep this ring at home when Iím playing a gig -- I donít want to lose it ever again!

Hi Elka,

I did receive the package this afternoon and I am very pleased with the custom buckle and ring. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face.


I received the bracelet today. I am well pleased with it. Very pretty. Thank you for the excellant service and speedy shipping. For once I am going to be on time for my wife's birthday!

Thank you,

What a breath of fresh air! Professional, curteous, competent, timely service without paying a premium. These guys did a phenomenal job fixing my ring from my beloved husband. I couldn't ask for anything more. The tethered ring I bought is awesome. I love the unique design; simple, yet detailed. I would recommend this store without reservation to the most picky consumer.

 WOW. I had very little hope that my son's ring could be restored. I am overwhelmed by the beautiful job that you have done. Thank you so much! Also, I never dreamed that I would get the ring back so quickly. Thank you again. This is a real inspiration.

Mrs. Stapel,

The rings arrived today and are exactly what I'd hoped for. They are absolutely lovely! My daughter will be very pleased with her turquoise ring.

Thanks so much.

Mr & Mrs Stapel and Sam,

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful work you did on the crystal necklace for our 14 yr old granddaughter.

This was a crystal my husband dug up in Nevada, 19 yrs ago. He has carried it with him all these years. When our granddaughter came to visit us, he wanted to give her something special, so he gave her the crystal. When you found out that she was going home in 2 days, you made sure that she had the necklace to wear home!

Elka, when you handed her the finished crystal and I saw the look on my granddaughter's face, I started to cry. I looked at you and saw tears in your eyes, too.

As we were driving away, my granddaughter looked at me and smiled and said, "Gramma, if I move to Arizona, this is the only place I will buy my jewelry!"

We can't thank you enough for making this special necklace for her.

Hi, Elka,

We received the watch today and were so very pleased with the wonderful job you did repairing it. It looks beautiful! Am sure Fred will now get many many more years of joy wearing it. Can not thank you enough for helping us as Fred just loves the watch.

Many many blessings to you and your family,

I just received the ring that I ordered and I wanted to tell you that it fit perfectly and I absolutely love it!!
Thank you!

I am a just-retired male that needed to satisfy a demanding client - my wife of 30+ years - with some particular jewellery styles. I ordered one piece 3 months ago for her birthday and it arrived in time with no problems and I got a response quickly when I made a query regarding shipping.

Now I ordered 4 more associated pieces and they arrived in 4 days with standard shipping - very impressive. They were packed efficiently and with nice boxes for each piece. I was impressed with both the efficiency of delivery and the prices for each of the pieces (the reference request from my client was a magazine ad that was twice the price for one of the pieces!).

Thanks again.

 The bracelet arrived a couple of days ago - I am VERY pleased with the repair: the coral was so well matched that I couldn't tell which was the new one, and the turnaround was lightening fast. I figure you received the bracelet on Monday, and it was back to me on Friday or Saturday.
I really appreciate all aspects of the repair service and would recommend your business to anyone with Native American jewelry needing repair.

Thanks for an excellent job

I recently purchased a turquoise and coral bracelet, pendant and earrings from Skystone Creations. I want everyone to know that this has been the best online shopping experience that I have ever had! Mr. and Mrs. Stapel could not have been nicer, or more accommodating. The original earrings that I chose were posts, but my earlobes are fat and the earrings were a bit uncomfortable. When I mentioned this in an e-mail, Mrs. Stapel said that they could convert them to dangling earrings. Now, they are absolutely perfect. The work is impeccable, and I love all my new pieces.

It is SO nice to find people who really care about what they do, and who are genuinely interested in satisfying their customersí desires. I hope to return to AZ some day and meet them personally. Excellent quality, excellent service, really nice people Ė it doesnít get any better than this, folks.

D. Cusick from NJ

I just received the ring I bought, I wanted to let you know its one of the best made and most beautiful I've come across.Thank you so much.


I received the earrings and they are perfect. Thank you for everything you did to help me with them.
Have a Blessed Day!

Dear Elka,
My husband and I purchased matching bands from you just before Thanksgiving. I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the rings that we bought. I have received numerous compliments on mine. In Houston you just don't see this type of jewelry.

I also wanted to thank you again for the can of jewelry polish. I have cleaned all of our jewelry and have been amazed at what a beautiful job it has done on our gold and diamond rings too.

We will definitely be back to see you the next time we are in town and I am keeping my eye on your website too. Thank you again for the beautiful jewelry and kind service.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Got the earrings today. They are lovely. Could you recommend a necklace or pendent that would compliment the ER70 Turquoise Earrings.

Again I wanted to tell you how beautiful the pink mussel shell jewelry is. I love it and the earring match my necklace perfectly.
Thanks Again! It is the best Valentine Day I have ever had!!!!

The earrings arrived today. Thank you so much. I am VERY pleased. I never thought it possible to get a pair that were so similar to my Zuni pin. I
shall wear them with pride. I hope it was not too much trouble for you to find them. You have been a good friend! 
Thank you again.

Thank you!

Our order arrived and the pendant is awesome. Thank you all for such great service.

My transformer arrived this afternoon, and I am just THRILLED!!!! Thank you so much. I really had never considered this possibility. And, the nice thing is....I can use it with two other pins. I am so pleased. I have always loved this pin and will now get more use from it because I can wear it with a chain.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.




Hi Elka,

The watch/band with amber stones has arrived. It is beautiful and fits me
perfectly. I love it! Thanks so much for picking out the lovely amber stones for me.
I put it on my wrist when it arrived and haven't taken it off since.

I'm marielle, I'm french and I've see your internet site and I just want to tell you
that you're doing a very good jog and all your articles are really amaising.

Dear Elka & Victor,

Thank you very much for the order that you sent. I received it today, and I am most delighted with the Custom Garnet ring. It is quite an elegant design, and I think it compliments my other rings. The work that was done on the Turquoise and Coral ring is just fantastic. I extend my appreciation to all the artists at Skystone Creations.

By the way, the Bear ring fitted perfectly, and I am very grateful for having been given the opportunity to know that this beautiful design was available.

Once again, thank you so much.


Just a quick note to tell you I have received my order today and I am VERY PLEASED!!!
The workmanship is awesome. I am a repeat buyer and will buy again in the future.
Thank you for offering such wonderful items.


Elka & Victor,

I just wanted to send you an email and let you know how pleased I am with the items I bought. I couldn't believe the quality and size of my Lapis Lazuli ring and watch. Everything was bigger and heavier than I expected. I was getting used to oversized pictures and receiving undersized items. I wish I found your site before I bought some of my other native american jewelry. The other flimsy items are junk compared to yours. I will only be buying from your site from now on. THANK YOU for selling quality products !!!!!

I received my earring order today and they are absolutely gorgeous!
Thank you very much for such wonderful service.

Just wanted to tell you how much we all appreciated your time spent with all of us yesterday. We came in a group of 8 and you all were very kind. I hope to visit your store again next month. Maybe not as many of us. We all loved your selection and are very happy with it.

My husband and I took the Durango-Silverton train in Colorado last fall and while in Silverton I shopped for Native American jewelry which I hadn't had in years. I saw some beautiful pink stones in different stores and asked what they were called and was told they were pink mussel shell. Most of the stores had some earrings and bracelets but no rings. I had my computer with me and decided to look on the internet that night and your website was the first one I opened up and I immediately found the ring I was looking for. Since then I have ordered several more rings and earrings from you and just today received the pink mussel shell ring and earrings that I am going to take to my mom in Texas for her birthday and Mother's Day. She will be thrilled. I just wanted to say that you have a beautifully designed website and your fast shipping is very much appreciated, and I got my mom's items in just a few days. Keep up the good work. I'm sure I'll be buying more items else in the future.

Good afternoon,

I received the jewelry package this afternoon. Thank you so much. I appreciate you fixing the ring for me. I love the watch and will wear it out tonight for dinner. Set for the correct time too.

Stay cool,

Hello Elka
Yes, package arrived this morning and the ring is absolutely beautiful and my partner is wearing it now, she is thrilled with it.

Thank you

Hi from todays sunny but cold Basel

I'm glad to say that the Kokopelli just arrived yesterday and as it used to be it even looks better than on the photografs. I really love it.
Thank you again for everything and until the next time.

Best regards,
Basel - Switzerland

Dear Sir/Madam,
I received my order today which I placed some days ago, and I just want to thank you for such an efficient service. I could not believe my eyes when my order arrived here in Australia within a few days of placing the order at your website. I am also quite impressed by the quality and workmanship that is evident in the items that I ordered. I am so pleased with the order, and I will definitely be doing more business with you in the near future.
Thank you very much.

Yours truly,

P.S. I do like the ring TCR16-1 ( Men's Turquoise & Coral Ring ) which I wanted to swap previously.

Dear Elka & Victor,

The money clip arrived today in perfect condition. It is even more beautiful than I had hoped. Thank you so much for your wonderful care and kindness. I have posted a review on Yahoo which should show up in a
couple of days after they scan it. You have been the most delightful shopping experience I have ever had online. I will make sure many others know this as well. You two are true professionals, in the finest sense of the word.

Thank you again for everything and Greetings

Dear Mrs. Stapel
your delivery just got in today and I must say it looks lovely and I'm sure it will be worn with pride ! Once again I would like to thank you for your excellent advice in this case. If I should have other needs for myself or friends of mine I'll be glad to contact you again. Skystone Creations is real great !! In the meantime winter has come and I'm afraid snow fall is near and we have to prepare our snow shoes.

Best regards and wishes

Just to let you know that I received everything in perfect condition!

I was very impressed with the pieces that I purchased, usually I don't purchase these kind of things because they turn to be very cheap. In this case it was more than my expectations. Congratulations for the good quality and the artistic patterns.

Received the earrings today! They are more beautiful than they looked online!
Thank You.

I just wanted to let you know I received my ring today. It IS gorgeous! I love it. I will be sending in another order next week.
Thank You so much for letting me order and pay by money order.

Thank you so much. received ring today. excellent work as always. thank you so much. it is beautiful.

Thanks for the gracious message. I'll check out the site again and I have told admirers of my new jewelry where to find you.

The medicine wheel arrived to day and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Thank you very much.

Dear Victor and Elka,
I received my turquoise stone that you made into a pendant for me. It is beautiful! I have gotten many wonderful compliments on it already. Thank you for a beautiful job and for sending it to me so quickly. I got the picture that was taken of you and me in your store which turned out great. It is a remembrance of when I was there and purchased my beautiful Opal Sterling silver jewelry from you. Thank you for everything and if we come out to Mesa to visit relatives again I will surely visit you too!
Take care and thank you again.

Hi, Victor,
Once again, many thanks for the excellent service and for buffing some additional pieces at no charge. As you know I liked your store and the beautiful items on display very much. We also found it a great pleasure to visit with you and Elka.Yesterday we showed the Zuni pendant to our next door neighbor who admired it. She may stop in to visit your store one of these days.


Dear Sky Stone Creations,

I just wanted to thank you for helping me to find a gift for my mother when I was in your store last week on July 25th. Your selection and quality are magnificent and your patience and assistance in making my selections were greatly appreciated. When I found a beautiful turquoise necklace and matching earrings, I was very surprised when you agreed to exchange one of the turquoise stones for a coral stone (so it would match the ring my mother already has). And you did it right then! It didn't take but a few minutes! I've never shopped at such and accommodating and efficient store.
I am also very pleased with the beautiful turquoise ring I purchased for myself. I would not hesitate to shop with you again, personally or via internet.
Thank you again!
P.S. Elka, your suggestions were greatly appreciated; my Latvian mother truly loves her new jewelry!
God Bless You!

Dear Mr. Stapel,
I cannot tell you how much I like the gorgeous amber concho belt. It is simply beautiful! Thank you so much for handling all of my repairs as well. I am very satisfied with everything! I enjoyed speaking to Mrs. Stapel again. Please give her my best.
Lots of love,

I received a watch which was invoiced on 7-5. It is absolutely gorgeous. Your jewelry is wonderful, and so are your prices. I used to go to Silverton, CO, every year to take part in the sales, but I am so impressed with your products, I don't believe that I need anything but your website.
Thank you,

I got the crosses. They are beautiful. Many Thanks for the great service!

Belt buckle got here today. Julie thinks it's absolutely beautiful!
(And, of course, so do I.) Great job.

I received my cuff links. I truly adore them.
Thanks again for your help.

My wife got the watch I ordered and she loves it!!! I agree. It looks very good on her. Thanks for working so quickly to get it to her for her birthday. It did arrive a day late but not because of you. The Post Office apologized profusely. It was their mistake. I am so glad I found this watch at your web site. It was exactly what she wanted.
Thanks again for the quick, courteous service.

Received my ring to day - it is absolutely beautiful!! Your service and delivery time was the best! Look forward to more dealings in the future.
Have a great day!

I have been searching the web, using the MSN search engine, for the past two months looking for Navajo indian jewelry. I found one other good sight. Since I discovered SKY STONE CREATIONS my search has ended. I'm so excited!!!
Thank you for existing!!!

I received the ring in the mail today and it's perfect! Thanks for the immediate response to my request. I took the return to the post office yesterday, so it should be there soon. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. We'll have to do a lot more of this reeeal sooon!!!

I ordered a man's turquoise and sterling silver jewelry watch from you, for Christmas, for my husband and I just wanted to say thank you. The watch was beautiful and he really loves it. It was the first time I bought any type of jewelry over the net and I was a little apprehensive about it. But you did not let me down. Thanks again and we will definitely be buying more items down the road.

These beautiful indian jewelry items arrived yesterday in fine condition. My wife and I are both delighted.
Thank you so much!

I just received my ring, and I want to thank you. Its beautiful, and I love it. Thank you so much for taking the time to take my request and order the moonstone. I love it!!! Its just what I was looking for.

I want to thank you for the beautiful pink shell ring in sterling silver you made for me. I have been wanting one just like it and found it impossible to locate one.
Bless you!!!

I just wanted to take the time to write you and let you know how much I am enjoying wearing the lovely watch bracelet I bought from you. It is even prettier in person than it looked in the pictures at your site. The workmanship and attention to detail is incredible. Many friends have wanted to know where I bought it. I would not hesitate to buy anything you sell on your site now because I know it will be high quality also.

Received the ring I purchased today, reference no.13056002, and was thrilled! The quality and weight, hard to determine from a photo, were more than expected. I am glad I came across your site and you can be sure I will be a repeat customer! Also, thanks for the fast service -- I really didn't expect the ring to arrive until next week!
Sincerely, A most satisfied customer!

I have received the Men's Turquoise Ring I had ordered from you. I am very well pleased with the setting and the stone.
Very good workmanship.

Hello again,
I jumped the gun, my bracelet arrived. I just was unaware because I was at work when it did. It is gorgeous and I will be ordering more in the near future.

Thank you for your note. I was so pleased with the watch that my husband gave me for my birthday, and so was my friend. She immediately had to call and purchase one also! I don't mind sharing my unique watch, they are so beautiful!!!

Your jewelry is beautiful.

I received my ring and amber bracelet and was very happy with these items. I send this e-mail to thank you for the pendant you made from the extra stones from the bracelet. It's very kind of you and really appreciated.

Thank you for the email. It is wonderful to hear from you both. I will visit your web site to check things out. As always, I will forward your web site to all my friends. Take Care. We may be talking soon !

MY PLEASURE! My husband loves your stuff and you will be hearing from me at least once a year.

just received my bracelet. It is stunning. I think it may classify as a work of art. Thanks for having it redelivered to my work address. I had purchased this for a friend, and after seeing it I will back on your site today to pick out a ring. Thanks again, I am most pleased.

Thank you so much. The necklace and I am so happy you suggested the 20 inch. It is just the right size for me and it really does look lovely. I have it on right now. I have a whole list of things I want to order but I am going to have to get over Christmas first and then I can order some things I really want in your collection. I want to wish you and your family a Beautiful Christmas and a Really Happy and Prosperous New Year,

I received my order today and the mother of pearl necklace and earrings set is just gorgeous! The repairs are all perfectly done as well. Thank you very much and God bless! Love,

I would just like to say how delighted I am with the earrings, thank you. I have book marked your site for future reference.

My honey came home and brought me the most BEAUTIFUL choker and bracelet. I'm impressed by the workmanship and the effort that you made to help in selecting to make this PERFECT!!! Thank you so much. I just wanted to let you know how happy I was to see it and will be very proud and pleased to wear it.
Thanks again.

I just wanted to let you know that I received the turquoise petty point earrings, they are just exquisite. Hopefully, I will be able to order more items in the future. Thanks so much for your kindness and I was amazed at how fast I received them.

I received the package of earrings yesterday... I was so happy with them!!! They really are beautiful work - sometimes when you see things online and you order them they come looking very different than what you thought...these were exactly what I wanted!! Thank you so much.

I received the rings. As usual the workmanship is up to its exceptional standards.

I received the watch yesterday. It never ceases to amaze me the quality of your work. If possible the watch looks better than new. I'll be ordering another ring for Christmas, talk to you then. Thanks again for such good service, and have a good summer.


Wanted you to know that the order got here at 12 noon central time. Beautiful earrings !
Thanks so, so much.

I just wanted you to know that I received my earrings today that I purchased through the the internet. They are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for the fast response. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

This is to let you know that I received the necklace and earrings set today. Thanks for sending them so promptly. They are lovely.

Hello Mr. Stapel,
Today I received the mail with the earrings. They are looking really wonderful, and next weekend I will see my mother, so I can give them to her as a present, I was now still more since 1 year looking for. You really did a very good job, I´am sure my mother will be very happy with this wonderful earrings. You really did me a great favaour. Thank you very much again. By the way, the package went through the German customs, and they opened the mail to check what's in it. So that's perhaps why it took a little longer, like we expected. Please let me know if this e-mail reached you. Thanks and compliments again for you wonderful earrings. Have a nice weekend.

Dear Ms. Stapel -
Thank you for sending me the pictures of the pendants. They are all so lovely and it is going to be a difficult choice. I must tell you that my experience has been that the pictures don't do justice to the pieces I have bought from you. They are so lovely when you actually see them in person. I am leaning toward the bear claw in the gold cup with the blue turquoise and I would like it on a 22" silver chain. I think the 22" chain would do as the pendant itself is over 2 inches long and if I put it on a 24" it might be a bit too long for him and wouldn't really hang right. Could you please send me the total and tell me if I should go back to your website and fill in the form with my credit card details or Should I use the special request section? You have come through again for me.
Thank You!

I recently received some indian jewelry from your company, and it is great!!! I will call back in December to order more, and probably in Jan, and possibly Feb. too.

I received the silver and lapis earrings that I ordered on Dec. 3 in yesterday's mail. They are just beautiful. Thanks for the prompt service as well.

I received the amber bolo, and, as you promised, it is lovely. I think my husband will be pleased. I really appreciate your assistance. I have book marked on my computer and plan to contact you again!

Hello, About a year ago my husband went to an antique show and saw a ring that he really wanted but the person did not have the ring in his size. Ever since then he has searched everywhere for a similar ring. I happened to find your jewelry site one day last week and searched through it hoping that I could find something similar to get for my husband for Christmas. Lo and behold he found one and screamed "that's it, that's the ring"! I quickly ordered it for him and three days later I received it. Of course my husband is not that type who can wait until Christmas so I gave it to him. He really loves it and can't believe we found the ring he was searching for and it is even more beautiful than the one he first saw. It is very hard to buy my husband a gift, he is very picky of what he likes. I want to thank you so much for having the ring and for your extremely fast service. It is a very beautifully crafted ring. Thank you again and I see many beautiful pieces on your site. I'm sure I will be purchasing more items soon.
Thanks again,


I received the pin today and had to tell you how beautiful it is! Thank you so much for sending it out promptly, and I can assure you that we will be repeat customers.
Again, thank you so much.

If something ever happens that you wont have your website any more, let me know how to contact you, you guys are awesome!!! I will be ordering more in the next few months.

I just wanted to let you know that I just received the "man's watch" I ordered from you on Monday. It is even more beautiful than I had anticipated and I am extremely pleased. The workmanship is superb and the Navajo Silversmith who created this watch should be commended. It is truly a "work of art". My husband will be thrilled!! Thank you again.

I'm the guy from Pennsylvania who just bought a silver & turquoise pendant that you had to put on a hook on the back quickly so I could get to the airport the next day. Anyway, my wife was thrilled over the pendant and loved it. It looks great on her, and she said the hook was just right for her chain. So thanks again for your wonderful help you gave me trying to get her the right piece of jewelry.

Hi Elka,
The ring got here today and i just love it. out of all my indian jewelry rings it is the most beautiful one. thank you so much for the ring and such a speedy delivery.
Hi from Georgia,

I recently ordered a watch from your company and it arrived in just a few days and I wanted to let you know that I LOVE it !!! It was exactly what I was looking for....Thanks

I just received the men's amber ring I ordered from you, and I must say the photo on your website doesn't do it justice. This is a large and beautifully crafted piece, very reasonably priced, and your delivery was exceptionally prompt as well. I will definitely be back the next time I'm looking for Sterling silver jewelry. Incidentally, I found you guys by entering "men's amber ring" in the Yahoo search engine. With thanks and regards from your new customer in the Big Apple...

I got the crosses. They are beautiful.
Many Thanks for the great service!

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